Securitization transactions are an important source of fund raising to our clients, involving extension of credits from business and industrial activities and service provision. The securitization enables the generation of cash from non-liquid assets, thus being an option to raise financial funds. We highlight, among the transactions in our portfolio, the following:

Structuring of Certificate of Real Estate Receivables (CRI), among which we operate, among others:

  • Sale and Lease Back
  • Built-to-Suit (BTS)
  • Typical Lease
  • Widely held residential, commercial credits and allotments
  • Bank Credit Certificates (CCB) and Real Estate Credit Notes (CCI)

Structuring of Certificates of Agribusiness Receivables (CRA):

  • Certificate of Agribusiness Credit Rights (CDCA)
  • Rural Product Bill (CPR)
  • Agricultural Certificate of Deposit-Warrant (CDA-WA)

Daily U.P.

Unit prices (U.P.) of the Receivables Certificates disclosed in this website are for information purposes only, and do not imply any commitment to negotiation on the part of REAG Securitizadora.

CRI Issued

Data da EmissãoCRIValor da EmissãoAção
20/12/2016R$ 65.893.406,70 Visualizar
20/09/20162ª e 3ªR$ 20.038.161,30 Visualizar
27/07/2017R$ 10.400.728,29 Visualizar
15/12/2017R$ 31.415.590,34 Visualizar
15/12/2017R$ 65.778.593,21 Visualizar

CRA Issued